The Members


Matts Backman keyboards & things

Together with Jonas Matts is the musical motor of the band and he is also  responsible for most of the lyrics. Matts is working as a music director for the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation. He also plays in various bands and projects. Together with his brother Gunnar Backman, Matts also runs a studio were they record and produce other artists.


Jonas Hedlund guitar

Only fifteen years old when founding his first band, Jonas was considered a very talented and promising guitarist. He has alongside his rock career also played behind some of Sweden's most well-known artists.


Greger Kihlström

Greger (Dick Head) played in the beginning with Björn and Matts in a band called Revelation. He did also play with Matts in their progressive rock band, Permanent Wave. Greger plays besides 48 roses in various bands, the most famous, backing the "Swedish soul king", Little Mike.


Björn Nord lead vocals

Lead singer of 48 roses. Had previously to 48 roses played with Greger and Matts in a band called Revelation. Björn has been singing with various bands. The most recent, a progressive rock band, N Then They Were 3, together with Matts.


Johan Rosenberg

The bands' joker, always ready to lighten up the gloomy moments. To give precedence to his vocal abilities besides 48 roses, Johan sings and plays  the rhythm guitar in a successful cover-band.



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