The History



It all started some years back in the city of Karlstad in Sweden where the band members all played in various bands. Two bands were central to them, 48 Hours and Black Rose (one of several with that name) and since they all got to know each other and realized they shared about the same visions, it fell quite natural for them to start something new. The new band's name, 48 roses, of course came from combining their prior bands' names. But for several reasons fate took it's toll, forcing some of them to move from Karlstad leaving the future of the band unclear.


Not wanting to end the unique magic they had found, they decided to ignore the distances and give it a try anyway, turning the band "virtual".


48 roses now is mainly a studio project. Most materiel they write on their own or collaborating by e-mail, only to meet up a couple of times a year to rehearse or record. A 4 track demo was rehearsed and recorded in just two days in October 2000, everything recorded, mixed and produced by themselves. The second recording was finished in autumn 2002, which concludes their album.